Hi I’m Sarah, founder of Live Love and Me.

I started Life Love and Me as a blog in 2017, when I made the decision to freeze my eggs, which was a fundamental point in life life. I hoped by sharing my experience it would help others who have found themselves at similar forks in the road, without knowing which one to take. 

This decisive point in my life has gone onto teach me a great deal about myself, the choices I have made, and the life I want to live.

These pages have become a place for me to document my experiences, observations I have made, new chapters in my life, including my journey to become a Life Coach

At the time of embarking on egg freezing, I couldn’t find much information on the process, let alone anything that would act as support. No one seemed to be sharing experiences that felt relatable to me. This left me feeling very alone, as most sources of information seemed to focus on couples going through IVF, rather than having to address fertility on their own as I did.

Since that time I have had to make some difficult decisions and come to terms with the fact that having a family may not be part of my future. I am, however learning to focus and love the life and opportunities I have, rather than focusing so much on what’s out of my control.

I’m a Life Coach, an Artist and a passionate mental health advocate, and believe in making the very most of what life has to offer, because of the challenges that we all experience, rather than despite of them. 

So whether you’re here because you have an interest in coaching, or you share interests or a personal journey, I hope you find what you’re looking for and enjoy your time here!

Have a fab day

Love Sarah x