My Egg Freezing Journey……

At the time of embarking on egg freezing, I couldn't find much information on the process, let alone anything that would act as support. No one seemed to be sharing experiences that felt relatable to me. This left me feeling very alone, as most sources of information seemed to focus on couples going through IVF, rather than having to address fertility on their own as I did.

Types of Coaching I Offer

Self Development

Self development coaching can cover a wide range of areas, from identifying ways to increase overall happiness, love, and fulfilment from life.
Clients have the answers to all of these areas already, but it’s my role as a coach to help you to become aware of them and understand how to harness them.

Child-less Not through Choice

Through my own struggles to find a new path in life, I also support women who find themselves childless not by choice. Finding a fulfilling life that does not involve having children of your own can initially be a painful experience, but with my help women are able to successfully navigate that journey and find an alternative to their previous plan A. One that brings them fulfilment and happiness.

Creative Coaching

I have a particular passion for creative coaching, which helps clients find creative solutions to issues they are experiencing in their professional and personal lives.
Not solely for the creative industries, but for anyone that wants to envision their dreams and come up with creative ways to make them come true.

Recommended by

Kate DBrighton, UK

Sarah's positive and explorative approach to Life Coaching helped me to navigate beyond my mental blocks.
She offers new approaches and ways of looking at problems, to encourage you to create new positive habits. All of this in a kind, supportive and non judgmental environment.

CarlaLondon, UK

Working with Sarah was a lifesaver. I always felt supported and at ease to share my challenges and concerns. She is very professional, and she held the space and guided me to develop the tools I needed to move forward, keep focused and get clarity when I was feeling overwhelmed and decision making seemed impossible.
All sessions were unique and eye opening.

Life Coaching with Sarah was a total life saver

- Carla, London, UK