Ups and Downs!

Life is full of ups and downs, some people experience more than others, but as a women I feel that sometimes I’m not in control of a lot of them. They creep up on me without any apparent rhyme or reason, often leaving me overwhelmed and confused. We all know the crazy things that hormones do to us ladies, but I do wonder, do men think it’s just a lame excuse? After all if I was them I’d find it hard to believe that we really can’t control the way we act sometimes!?

I’m a pretty emotional person at the best of time. I cry at the stupidest things, even programmes on tv that aren’t even real life and sometimes I can’t seem to pinpoint any reason for my outbursts of emotions.

During my fertility treatment I was told that the medication wouldn’t have a direct affect on my mood. The consultant explained that the ups and downs that some women experience during this time are more likely the pressure women put on themselves that lead to an overwhelming sense of emotional stress during this time. I consider myself lucky that I managed the stress and anxiety throughout my treatment fairly well, but as my initial journey from making the decision to book at an appointment, to the day of the egg retrieval was fairly short I was able to channel my efforts during this time.

For the many that are on the IVF journey for years, I wonder just how women out there manage the roller coaster of emotions?

Whether you’re going it alone, or you have the support of a partner, do you have any key pieces of advice to give to other women to stay sane through this journey!? Or indeed advice on trying to balance and manage the emotions we feel even during our normal monthly cycles!

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