When we talk about change, it can raise all sorts of emotions depending on your current situation, any challenges you currently face and the consequences that you believe may follow a change. For me, it has been the fear of failure, worry that past periods of sadness will follow me, but most of all the question of whether the change will actually make me happy!

I remember saying to my mum not so long ago that sometimes the best decision was not to make a decision, but since then I’ve realised my thought process was flawed as I wasn’t asking myself the right questions! I know this sounds all very cryptic, but through coaching, I have learnt to improve the way I question myself and the decisions I am making, and because of this thought process I made the move back to Brighton. (#Hoveactually), a significant change in my life.

Don’t get me wrong I love London, and this move wasn’t just about ‘locations’ it was about being in a place that was right for me at this current stage of my life. I’m not saying I have got it all sussed, but my move is allowing me to grow, and best of all it has given me the chance to look more positively at the future.

Whether you’re trying to make a decision on something physical like the way you look, or how you keep in shape, to job changes, having children or moving to another part of the country/world I think it’s best to ask yourself, have you looked at the bigger picture?  Is this change going to positively impact on your life and support all the other aspects around it? If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s not the right move? That’s not to say in a few months/years it might be right after all things change, as do we.

Moving allowed me to press reset and recharge my batteries ready for a new chapter in my life, I’m sure many other changes have also had a similar effect for others for different reasons.

What decision/s are you putting off making? Does the risk really outway the opportunities/benefits that could be just around the corner?

If you struggle to make decisions and make changes to your life, perhaps this is because of a deeply routed issued regarding your mental health? If it could be, there’s so much help available, but perhaps start by talking with a close friend.  www.time-to-change.org.uk

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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