The impact of community, creativity and a big old dose of inspiration!

As many of my regular readers will know over the past few years I’ve rekindled my passion for creativity by using tools Ive learnt through my life coaching experience. I’ve managed to reframe some of my thoughts around my own ability, and pushed through the creative block that that was preventing me moving forwards, which has definitely allowed me to be much happier, with less pressure and ultimately more childlike creative fun!

Life Coaching has had a huge impact on this journey, but I also contribute this change to the community around me. In 2019, I hosted 8 amazing artists as part of Brighton’s Artist Open House Festival, a decision which has been totally life changing for me.

After a lot of positive encouragement I decided to exhibit two of my own paintings in 2019, and thanks to the wonderful support from local artists, and the fantastic feedback I received during the event my confidence has grown.

Although I’m at the beginning of a new chapter of my artistic discovery, one that filled with mixed emotions and challenges, having a focus of exhibiting at next year’s festival feels like an exciting step. And although it’s been really disappointing to not be able to take part in this year’s festival, I’m really looking forward to finally being able to show my collection.

So, on the last weekend of this year’s scaled down festival, I wanted to give a bit of a shout out to the wonderful ladies that will be exhibiting at my home next year and to acknowledge the impact this community has had on me.

If you’ve taken up a creative hobby during the pandemic, or got involved in your local community more than you had before Covid times, what impact has it had on you? How are you going to keep this new found passion as the world opens up?

If you’re struggling with creative blocks, or there’s something that resonates within what I’ve touched on, coaching could be just what you need to navigate your way forwards. You never know I could be just the help and inspiration you need! Why not drop me a quick message.

The following is just a quick visit to some of the beautiful work you’ll be able to see during Artists Open House next year!

Painting by Sarah Bagg

My flower collection was created off the back of one of the paintings that I exhibited in 2019. There are currently 5 in the collection, all ‘oil on canvas’.

They are unique in style and composition, but all have an uplifting feel in common, which has been much needed during these challenging times.

To contrast, I also have a collection of abstract work, taking inspiration from some of the places I have lived, as well as some of the emotional journeys I’ve been on.

I hope both collections will capture your imagination and bring a smile to your face.

Limited edition prints will be available to buy online soon, so if you’d like more information why not subscribe for updates or follow on one of my social media platforms!

At next year’s festival I will be welcoming back Holly and Lauren for a 2nd year, as well as 6 new artists who’s work I love.

Lauren Nickless illustration

Lauren Nickless

Lauren creates fun, imaginative artworks from her experiences on her travels.

Each piece celebrates the character of the location through her vibrant, intricate prints, which layer many dimensions of city life. She is detail-obsessed; including the architecture, local events, the people and happenings. There is always something new to discover within any of these quirky pieces.

Lauren starts each piece with hand-drawn sketches and then develops them on the computer before sending them to be printed.

I am the very proud owner of Lauren’s ‘Brighton Bandstand’ which I couldn’t resist when I saw it at Artist Open House 2018 when I first met Lauren.

Holly Swain

Holly is a children’s book illustrator, who likes nothing more than creating new characters -quite often wearing knitwear!

Many of her products feature her quirky ink and watercolour characters. These can be found on a range of products from greetings cards to badges to colouring-in posters.

Holly’s quirky illustrations will guarantee to make you smile, whilst her imagination will bring out the inner child in you! 

Vannucchi Jewellery


Using a blend of wood and metal to create unique pieces with clean lines and a geometric theme, Dani has a desire to bring modern design together with nature and sustainability.

Creating an infusion of aesthetics and tactile-ness, her products have been designed to be versatile in wear and all purchases should be considered and truly loved.

I personally love her earrings which are shown here, which I’m sure are going to be very popular.

Curly Lulu

Curly Lulu's 'Pants Gang'

Curly Lulu designs and makes hand sewn animals in pants known as The Pants Gang!

They are lovingly made in linen and 100% cotton, with pants in various colours, patterns and themes. They come in various sizes and all are cut and sewn by her own fair hand, making them all unique. They have all been through the vigorous boot camp known as CE testing, meaning they are safe for everyone from 0-100!

She also makes other items with the same theme, such as brooches, egg cups, decorative hoops, cushions and key-rings. My absolutely favourite are the rabbits pictured here, but there are so many more gorgeous creations to choose from!

Duck Ceramics - Alice Duck

Duck Ceramics

Duck Ceramics is an independent pottery studio run by Alice Duck. Originally founded in a small attic room in her Bristol flat, she now makes and finishes each piece by hand in her Brighton studio.

The technique Alice uses is called slip casting. Commercially this process is used, along with machines to reproduce identical copies of one design, churning out hundreds of ‘perfect’ duplicates. There is something satisfying about imitating the machine – but with the ability to make every product individual.

Simplicity and function are at the core of the work she makes, each piece has been designed to be used and loved every day.

I have struggled to find ceramics which I love when previously visiting open houses, so when Dani suggested I look at Alice’s work I was so happy with what I saw, so excited to have her on board!

canda-bytes illustration

canda byte

Clare and Anna, are a creative couple, and together they are canda bytes – art that cares.

They design and sell high-quality Eco-friendly products. Their art prints and greeting cards are ethically and sustain-ably made in Brighton, and risograph printed on 100% recycled paper.

canda bytes ethos inspires their work, and they print it as a positive message on the back of every greeting card, which I personally love!

With so much more focus on my own mental health over the past few years, along with the increased knowledge I’m building in the area of life coaching, I love the positive message Anna and Clare are spreading!

Jo Saunders Design

Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders is a textile artist. In addition to hand-making a range of colourful bags and accessories, she also produces original mixed media artworks incorporating screen printing, mono printing, collage, paint, stitch and fabric.

In her latest project, Jo seeks to turn the mundane into vibrant and energetic pieces of work. Buildings, stairs, doorways are explored and then transformed with an uplifting and vibrant colour palette.

Jo’s gorgeous collection of work is going to make a lovely addition to a very colourful house!

We Are Mountain - Sophie Mutter

We Are Mountain

After studying photography at Nottingham Trent university,  Sophie Mutter worked at a photo library and then at OK! magazine on the Picture Desk for many years. In 2013 she took a massive leap of faith, left her job and moved from London to Worthing to set up her own business.

She creates colourful, graphic screen prints, cards and tea towels, inspired by the natural world and the seaside, which hopefully put a smile on your face! She sells her products at craft fairs, shops and galleries along the south coast, and has just opened a shop with a friend on Worthing Promenade, which sells over twenty local artists work!

I first saw Sophie’s work at Worthing Open House in 2018, where I couldn’t resist her bright and colourful fun prints. One of her fish tea towels brightens up my kitchen!

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