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Mentoring quote

The Power of Mentoring and a letter to my younger self!

Inspiration through mentorship Much of the focus of a coach is to look at the present and how we can assist our clients to create change. In order to identify the areas that need to change, we must first be able to understand the ‘why’ and this can so often pull us to the events …

Passion and purpose in your work

Passion and Purpose….. can finding yours be the game changer?

Personal v professional life Essentially, Life Love and Me was born out of the desire to help others. Especially, for those that found themselves in a similar position, with little or no support. Since 2016 it has evolved from a blog focused on the emotional complexities surrounding egg freezing, to a platform for my passions. …


A Multi-Hyphen Life – Could it work for you?

When meeting people for the first time, how many of us feel conflicted with the question ‘ what do you do?’ For me, it’s definitely created mixed feelings dependant on what stage of life I’ve been in, particularly as always felt it’s been a work focused question. Sometimes, it’s been easy, almost straight forward and …