I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have some insecurities with the way you look. With age, we can gain more acceptance, but in moments of sabotage it can be easy to look at the negatives rather than the positives. This week, as I prepared for a photo shoot for my new business, self-sabotage raised its head due to insecurities about my appearance.

As my photographer Kitty, made me feel at ease, I realised that the shoot wasn’t so much the issue, but critiquing myself in the photos that followed was.

Whether it’s facial features, weight, hair, skin issues, facial expressions, and the ever-increasing signs of aging, there can be a lot of demons to contend with when it comes to photos of yourself. So how you manage self-critical thoughts can have a huge impact on your overall well-being.


A fantastic way to bring more positive thoughts into your life is by focusing on gratitude. When I’ve made this part of my daily routine it has had a positive impact on my day.

When I received my photos I was determined not to over analyse my personal appearance, but instead look for positives in each photo as they appeared.

Here are just a few observations I made.

  • I look really happy
  • I look confidence
  • I look like a friendly person
  • I love my happy place by the sea, I’m so fortunate to live here
  • I look comfortable and relaxed in my co-working space
  • I’m pleased that I have worked hard to be able to get to this point
  • I love my freckles now, they give me character
  • My eyes look bright and happy
  • I’m glad that I take care of my body because exercise makes me feel good
  • I love that I am able to express myself through how I look
  • I look natural and at ease
  • That smile seems genuine and honest
  • I’m glad that I have the confidence to change my hairstyle, through the years it’s like an ever-changing canvas
  • I’m glad that I have the confidence to do this photoshoot

I’m really happy with the photos Kitty took of me, I think they reflect me, my personality, and where I am in my life. If you struggle with self-sabotage surrounding your appearance, taking a step back and looking through a different lens may help you too.

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