I recently came across this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3778407/The-REAL-reason-women-freezing-eggs-Women-waiting-perfect-father.html? and as with most articles I come across in the media I am somewhat sceptical, especially in ‘certain’ papers, but as this article was so on topic I tried to approach it with an open mind.

I was very surprised at some of the stats in this research, firstly the average age of British women undergoing egg freezing and secondly the so called reasons for making this decision. From researching egg freezing prior to the initial consultation, coupled with the added pressure I had put on myself, I was convinced I had waited too long.

The seminar I attended at the clinic made me feel reassured that I wasn’t going through this alone, but I couldn’t be sure what reasons had brought these women to this fertility seminar, nor could I really tell their age or whether their reason for attending was egg freezing or IVF. If these stats are true, it is re-assuring that at 38 there were many other women that also found themselves having to make these tough decisions, however, I’m not sure my path to egg freezing had much in common with those waiting for Mr Right to father their children.

This article makes it sound as if women are putting men under a type of selection process, which is totally not the reality of falling for someone and being in a relationship. You can’t help who you fall in love with and sometimes it just doesn’t work out for one reason or another. If a relationship comes to an end and a woman’s fertility is already declining what are we supposed to do, just cross our fingers and hope for the best? Surely in this day and age, with advances in Science, it makes sense that we can make decisions that reduce leaving everything to chance?

Obviously, all women have different reasons for making these decisions, but to say that we are freezing our eggs because we are waiting for a certain type of man to be the father of our child, or that we have ‘parked’ motherhood for our career are very unfair assumptions of many of us.




  1. What a journey! I have enjoyed reading all your posts and can hear your positive voice as I read. I think each step has been a well considered one. You do always see the best in things and make the best of things. I wish your future huge happiness in whatever form that may come and I admire you for sharing this to help others.

    1. Many thanks Tracey, that really means a lot:) As you said here’s to the next chapter!

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