Passion and Purpose….. can finding yours be the game changer?

Personal v professional life

Essentially, Life Love and Me was born out of the desire to help others. Especially, for those that found themselves in a similar position, with little or no support.

Since 2016 it has evolved from a blog focused on the emotional complexities surrounding egg freezing, to a platform for my passions. As an artist, a life coach, and as a passionate advocate of mental health education and awareness.

I’ve never kept this part of my life a secret, quite the opposite really as I wanted my story to help as many people as possible, but I’ve never actively talked about this part of my life through my LinkedIn network. It’s only recently that I’ve been questioning why that is.

The reason I’ve decided to share this through my LinkedIn network now, is directly linked to the new chapter of my life, one where my passion and purpose are closely linked to the new direction I’m choosing to take.


Now, most of us will recognise the famous Martin Luther King Speech, ‘I have a Dream’, but not all of us are going to end up with dreams that amount to such significant change in society, but I believe the power of dreaming can so often be overrated.

I had a dream some years ago, that I would exhibit my own collection of art, as part of Artist Open House and next month I’m making that dream turn into reality, something I’m really proud of.

But dreaming can so often be critiqued for not having enough foundation, even the description ’dreamers’ can often create images of people that don’t think realistically about their hopes. Even in coaching, we can sometimes be so focused on plans, and next steps, that one can forget the importance to dream, visualise and imagine what might be possible.
Dr Pippa Grange, psychologist, author and the Head of People and Team Development at the Football Association, believes that dreams aren’t given the status they merit. She quotes ’In comparison to dreamers, plans have a concrete, solid reputation, dreams are seen as flawed and vague. But think about this: what comes before a plan? A dream, almost always’.

I love the idea that Dreams are the basis for living with soul and substance, as it aligns with my theory of passion and purpose, as she describes in her book Fear Less.


Art is one of my passions, it always has been, albeit I lost my way for a few years. And one of the other passions is to help, an area of my life which I’ve found gives me a real sense of purpose. Two essential ingredients to fulfilment in life.

You could say Life Love and Me is a reflection of my key passions and my sense of purpose.

As I move into the next chapter of my professional life, my number one driver will be to keep passion and purpose at the very heart of my new venture.

As famed conservationist Dame Jane Goodall said when describing the ’indomitable human spirit’ that we all have inside us:

‘Every single one of you, or us, has the same indomitable spirit. We just have to learn to free it, to follow it, to trust in it, to follow where it takes us. To lose fear and go out there and do what our indomitable spirit would like us to do. That’s what we can all do. That’s how we can make the world a better place’.

This quote is taken from Pippa’s book, Fear Less. A book which I’m convinced will leave you believing anything is possible!

From my own personal experiences and what I’ve seen in others, I totally agree with Pippa’s sentiment, that you don’t need to have a great spirit, to be someone rare, or special to follow your dreams.

We all have what it takes to find and follow our passions and create purpose, have you found yours?

I’ve seen first-hand how life coaching has helped me and my clients change their lives for the better, when they focus on their passions and purpose.

To all of my LinkedIn network, as well as my followers through Life Love and Me, I really hope to get the opportunity to share some of the next chapter of my journey with you!

Image creditAlice Humphreys illustrator – Mural from Platf9rm co-working space, Brighton & Hove, UK

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