Well, here I am with my first post of 2017!

Whilst many of you may have been setting New Year’s resolutions, I’ve just been cruising into 2017 feeling pretty thankful that I’m entering it with a smile on my face, with lots to look forward to. With 2017 being my 40th year,  not only do I have my own birthday celebrations to look forward to, but also the many birthday events held by friends that also hit the same milestone this year.

I’m sure my blog will head in different directions as my life changes and new experiences make their mark on me, but I’m very conscious of the reason I started to write this blog, those still remain my focus. Writing has given me an almost therapeutic way of un-muddling some of the things I’ve found confusing/challenging and I hope that by being open about them will go on to help others in similar situations.

Someone recently asked me whether I think freezing my eggs has changed me, and the simple answer is yes it has undoubtedly. The whole process from my fertility MOT, the counselling, to having my eggs stored has changed the relationship I have with my body and the outlook I have on life. I am determined not to let it define me, so you may notice a change in my posts this year.

The question of whether I’m able to use my ‘fresh’ or ‘frozen’ eggs is something I will just have to wait and see what direction my life heads in, but I do feel like 2017 is about putting my best foot forwards and grabbing what chances I have with both hands, not delaying important decisions. The most important thing for me this year is to concentrate on happiness, enjoy time with the ones I love and try not to put too much pressure on myself on what comes next. Easier said than done, believe me!

Something that 2016 taught me in bucket loads is that so much can change in just 12 months, so you never know what’s around the corner!

Bye for now. x

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