How the element Water teaches us to adapt; by Eden on the Chocolata

Running your own business constantly asks for adaptation, as do some of my other passions, like painting, yoga and running. But adapting to people and differing thoughts and views are intrinsic to everyone’s lives, and those which can be much harder to navigate.

It can be difficult to stay flexible when plans change and busy lives get in the way, but learning to accept change, whilst managing your thoughts and boundaries can be key to personal contentment and flourishing relationships.

What makes us different makes us special, but sometimes our differing values, thoughts and opinions can get in the way of our relationships.

Challenging some of those thoughts in one of their latest articles are Remy and Kelly, the founders of the gorgeous Yoga retreat in Nicaragua Eden on the Chocolata. They have recently published a beautiful article, ‘The Element of Water teaches us to adapt’. I came across this article and wanted to share it with you, as it resonated with how I’d been feeling, but also with what I’ve been hearing a lot from both clients and friends.

Our ability/inability to adapt can sometimes prevent us from moving forward. For others like me, who tend to overthink it can impact our mental health and outlook, so I’m hoping this resonates with you, but also provides some insight and help too.

The power of the element water lies in its ability to adapt. It adapts to any shape you poor it in. The element water teaches is to be flexible, creative and playful. Whenever there is a bump on the road, water will find a way to either go through it, or around it. Life gives us all kinds of challenges, how can we use the wisdom of the element water to cope with them?

A life in Nicaragua

Living in Nicaragua means that you live mostly outdoors, you are surrounded by nature’s beauty, you have access to the ocean and you will have sunshine year round. This is why most people come to visit Nicaragua. To be living in Nicaragua also means you will experience some kind of discomfort. Your appointment will come on ‘Nica time’. It’s a full-time job to get electricity, water and internet running. To complete your grocery list, you will need to drive through the whole country. We are so used to that everything is there with just a few clicks on the internet. We tend to forget that sources are scarce.

Learning from the Local People

The local people are handling discomfort quite well, everybody is very helpful getting things fixed. When something is not working, there is acceptance. I have never seen a local being stressed if something breaks or if someone didn’t make it to his appointment. It’s just part of daily life. The irony is that if we embrace discomfort, it actually gets more comfortable. But if we add on to the story: “Why now? Why do I always have bad luck? Why did I move to Nicaragua in the first place?” makes the situation so much harder. When we incorporate the water element in our lives we are accepting the situation that we are in. From that place of acceptance, we are creative in finding ways to deal with it.

Embracing Discomfort on the Yoga Mat

“I can’t do yoga, because I am not flexible.”

A quote from many people when I talk about my love for yoga. Having been a professional tennis player, I started yoga strong, but it took me years to gain flexibility. Even after daily practice for over a decade, I am not as flexible as most yoga teachers. But does this define my yoga level? Starting yoga already flexible might miss the journey of self-exploration that teaches us to be patient and accepting. There is no quick way to flexibility, it requires patience, self-awareness and embracing discomfort. Challenging poses teach us acceptance of our current state, that we are exactly where we need to be. When we incorporate water’s playfulness it adds a light-hearted approach to the practice.

How to be Playful?

In my adult life, I almost forget what it’s like to play. My kids remind me to play, I learn from them in so many ways how to connect with the element Water. There is room for play, they are not afraid to fail. They embrace all of their emotions and release them just as easily. They are so pure, there is no shame, no worry of what other people will think of them and they are completely present. They remind me of my own inner child, which I would love to show more often. To do things just for fun, without a goal in mind. When there is room for play, there is room for creativity.

Discomfort fuels Growth and Innovation at Eden

Creativity and adaptation let Eden grow. Running your own business constantly asks for adaptation. There were so many times we thought circumstances would be the end of Eden, yet each challenge has sparked innovation and growth. Check out our blog: Last years roller coaster. So we adapt and the moment we get comfortable, new ideas pop up to improve Eden. We are in the middle of creating new retreats and yoga teacher trainings. We are building a Temazcal, a traditional sweat lodge, where ceremonies are being held for new beginnings. We are building an ice bath to improve mental and physical health. Embracing discomfort leads to growth; it’s where opportunities for improvement and innovation arise.

Don’t miss the Journey

The goal of practising yoga is not getting physically more flexible. It’s about using the practice as a tool to be flexible when the situation asks for it. It’s about being able to observe our thoughts and the ebb and flow of our emotions, without being caught up in it. It’s a lifelong journey of creating a growth mindset knowing that you are exactly where you need to be.

Thank you Kelly and Remy!

Whether you’re feeling stuck in life, struggling to adapt to change (big or small), or just want to get better at how to talk to yourself more kindly, there are people and activities out there to help.

It might be that a retreat, like Eden is just what you need, I know it was for me. Or if this is out of your reach right now, have you tried journaling, going for a run, or have you heard about the benefits of coaching?

A big thank you to Kelly and Remy for this inspiring article,

Miss you all x

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