Through my childless journey, I have met some incredible people. Both Men and Women, continue to deal with the obstacles and pain that come with being childless not by choice.

A couple of months ago I was approached by Helen from Happy and Childless. Talk about kindred spirits! So much in common and so many shared experiences, which meant we hardly took a breath during our first Zoom call!

Helen is the host of the Happy and Childless Podcast

As well as the amazing work she does with the podcast, she’s also just launched an app. Which is like ‘Bumble for friends’ within the childless community. A fantastic initiative and one which I’m sure will be a huge success!

I’m here today to share with you my podcast interview with Helen.

It’s a very honest, raw, and emotional chat, between two women who desperately want to let you know that there is life after childlessness.

It’s not always easy being in the minority, in a world that focuses on families, when that’s what you thought you’d have one day. However, if I’ve learned anything over the past few years is that there are also so many possibilities in the life I lead now. One of them being, the wonderful and inspiring people I have met along the way. Adversity so often builds strength, and resilience, two characteristics that Helen and the other men and women I have met, have in bucket loads.

Helen and I cover so many topics in our chat. From our journey to being childless not by choice to creativity, coaching, our love of a glass of wine (or 3), the pandemic, loneliness, and relationships!

The impact of one relationship on being childless

I opened up to Helen about the relationship that I now can admit contributed to my childlessness. Something I have never wanted to openly share before. I spoke candidly about how feel about looking back on that time, and my more recent decision not to continue freezing my eggs.

I hope by talking so openly, it will help others that have experienced a similar kind of pain, or perhaps been in similar situations.

Even when you think you have it together in your childless-not-by-choice life, sometimes your emotions can take you by surprise. This chat is living proof.

I continue to experience the roller coaster of emotions that comes with my childless journey. I know hormones play a huge role in this (yes thank you Perimenopause for this), but most of the time I feel very grateful for so many things in my life.

Society and its focus on having a family, as well as individuals that don’t stop and think before making insensitive comments, all play a role in the ups and downs. When I feel strong I feel like I can conquer the world, but I need to remind myself that I’ve had a lot to process and it’s ok to be vulnerable too.

This conversation is for everyone, not just the childless not by-choice community. So I urge you to take listen, after all, how is the dialogue ever going to change if we don’t share and take time to really listen?

A huge thank you to Helen for providing a safe space for me to able to talk openly and honestly about how I got to where I am.

A big thank you for the lovely feedback I’ve had from friends and followers since this podcast chat was published.

Sending lots of love.


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