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How many women can say they’ve given much, if any thought to how many eggs they have ‘in reserve’, what that even means, or what’s actually happening during the ovulation cycle. I bet the answer is that most women only start to think about this when they try for a baby and may be it doesn’t come as easily as they thought it would.

I wondered to myself, did I miss the lesson at school where I was supposed to learn these things, as all I can remember at school was a lady giving us some sanitary towels and covering the very basics of what would happen when we started our periods?! Maybe, it’s just supposed to be like many other things in a women’s life, you learn from experiences and each other. I wondered if I had known more information about my personal fertility would I have made different decisions!?

When the counsellor asked me how many eggs I’d hope to be able to freeze at the end of my treatment, I didn’t know what to say as I had absolutely no idea. As receiving my AMH results was such a shock I think I ┬ájust avoided thinking about numbers or ‘counts’, but after the counselling, I started to wonder just how many eggs is actually enough?

It turns out I don’t think there is a magic number, but my advice to anyone in a similar situation is do not start researching this on any blogs of any kind as it can be very confusing and will fill your head with all sorts of benchmarks which may be unachievable. After all, some women go through this treatment several times and IVF is still not successful, you just need to go with what you think and feel is right in your own personal situation as everyone is different.

Even if you have low AMH results like I did, I think it’s best to think quality over quantity, as otherwise, you’ll drive yourself bad thinking about something that you can’t really control!

I had already made the decision that I was only going to go through the treatment once, mainly for financial reasons but also for my own sanity! So whatever my magic number was at the end of the treatment, I was going to have to be content with it and move on to the next chapter in my life!

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