City Life

Colourful, happy houses of Nottinghill!

So in 2012 after almost 13 years living in London, (with just a brief stint living in Brighton) I found myself calling W2 home! For those of you not familiar with London, that’s the postcode between the contrasting areas of Nottinghill and Bayswater.

Thanks to High Grant, the famous blue door, and the Travel Book Shop, Nottinghill was put on the map some years ago, however, Bayswater is more like it’s poor cousin. Well, not that anywhere in London is poor these days, but if you’ve ever visited these areas you will understand what I’m trying to say!

These streets have become oh so familiar to me, they remind me of an exciting new chapter, many great memories and most importantly a safe haven during less happy times.Even in the depths of a dreary winter’s day, the colourful houses of Nottinghill have always been able to make me smile!