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Childless Not by Choice - Sarah Bagg

The misconceptions of not having children….

One of the many things you discover in a life with no children is people’s huge misconceptions of what it’s like not to have children! I can only speak for myself, and the few people I know that aren’t part of the parenting world, but trust me it’s definitely not endless travel, lie-ins and nights …

Sarah Bagg - Life Coach and Artist

Happy and Childless…..even with the tears!

Through my childless journey, I have met some incredible people. Both Men and Women, continue to deal with the obstacles and pain that come with being childless not by choice. A couple of months ago I was approached by Helen from Happy and Childless. Talk about kindred spirits! So much in common and so many …

Life Love and Me

How are you?

We all do it. Say we’re ok when we’re not really. 9 times out of 10, many of us can slip into the default. Perhaps we don’t feel comfortable talking about how we’re feeling. Sometimes it’s not the time or the place, or perhaps we get the sense that the person hasn’t the time to …