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Original abstract art by Sarah Bagg

So much more than a transaction; the value of selling art!

If I could speak to a younger version of me, the one that left university with less confidence in her creative ability than when she started. I’d tell her, ‘It’ll be ok. Your passion for art will come back, you just need a little time, the right set of circumstances and a few inspiring ‘mentors’ …

Life Love and Me

How are you?

We all do it. Say we’re ok when we’re not really. 9 times out of 10, many of us can slip into the default. Perhaps we don’t feel comfortable talking about how we’re feeling. Sometimes it’s not the time or the place, or perhaps we get the sense that the person hasn’t the time to …


Mixed emotions on Mother’s Day, childless not by choice

This Mother’s Day I thought I’d talk about what where my head is regarding my own childless journey 6 years on from freezing my eggs and how society could help with some of the pain experienced by the childless not by choice community. Saying Goodbye For those of you that have followed my journey since …