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Original abstract art by Sarah Bagg

So much more than a transaction; the value of selling art!

If I could speak to a younger version of me, the one that left university with less confidence in her creative ability than when she started. I’d tell her, ‘It’ll be ok. Your passion for art will come back, you just need a little time, the right set of circumstances and a few inspiring ‘mentors’ …

IKIGAL - Reasons for Being

‘Reason for Being’

What’s your ‘reason for being?’ The Japanese word “ikigai” means a “life purpose” or “raison d’être.” Ikigai refers to defining your personal meaning of life in relation to your talents, passions, and profession, as well as what you can give to the wider world. I’ve previously talked about the struggle I had in finding my …

Photo of Sarah Bagg by Kitty Wheeler Shaw

Self image, what if we focus more on the positives?

Photoshoot I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have some insecurities with the way you look. With age, we can gain more acceptance, but in moments of sabotage it can be easy to look at the negatives rather than the positives. This week, as I prepared for a photo shoot for my new business, self-sabotage raised …