Sarah Bagg – The Host and Artist

Using the tools I’ve learnt through life coaching I have rekindled my passion for creativity.

By reframing my thoughts around my ability and finding new tools to manage creative blockers, I’ve moved forward and I can now say ‘I’m an artist’.

My confidence has grown thanks to the wonderful support from local artists and the fantastic feedback. I’ve continued to create new work and have been fortunate enough to have some of my original paintings and prints exhibited in local Sussex galleries and shops.

All of my collection is available to buy via my online shop and if you can’t make it to the Artist’s Open House I will be exhibiting some of my work at Colonnade House, in Worthing (West Sussex, UK) this June.

'Be Beautiful' Original Painting - Oil and Spray paint by Sarah Bagg

All of my work has an uplifting feel, inspired by living by the sea and my love of flowers.

Some of the mediums have been mixed for the first time this year, combining spray paint and oil paint for my new works. (A section of which is featured above)

In the 2024 festival, I will welcome back Holly and Julie from last year and 6 new artists whose work I also love. Check out the information below for a quick sneak peek!


Onneke Northcote-Green is a Dutch Illustrator and designer, from Seaford

Onneke Northcote-green

She moved from Amsterdam to the UK when she was 30 and realised to her own surprise that she was a real country bumpkin. She now owns a gift shop with a design studio in Seaford and spends all her spare time roaming the beautiful countryside around her, with her dog Obi. During the first lockdown, she started drawing the local beach, the cliffs, the fields, the forest and the rivers near her and never stopped.

Onneke’s cards, prints and calendars are for sale in shops across Sussex and the UK. 

I absolutely love Onneke’s style and highly recommend visiting her shop in Seaford, it’s full of beautiful things you’ll not be able to resist!

Incey Wincey Studio

Claire Wilson is the textile artist behind Incey Wincey Studio, from Worthing

With her love of pattern and colour and inspired by nature, Claire brings a collection of work combining stitched and printed textiles and paper in a muted colour palette.

Claire’s ink drawings are made into screens which enables her to print her own cards, prints and textiles in her home studio in Worthing.

Alongside her botanical artwork, Claire has created a collection of textiles which includes brooches and bookmarks made with wool felt and Liberty fabric.

I personally love Claire’s collection of birth flowers, the perfect gift!

Holly Swain

Holly Swain is a children’s book illustrator from Hove

Holly Swain - Fox in a Box

Holly likes nothing more than creating new characters – quite often wearing knitwear! Her work traditionally uses dip pen and ink and watercolour. She works in a studio in her house, which is very cold in winter, hence why many of my characters are wearing woollens!!

Her characters tend to start in her sketchbooks and many of them take on a life of their own. Bears and badgers appear quite often, both usually wearing jumpers!

Many of her products feature her quirky ink and watercolour characters. These can be found on a range of products from greetings cards to badges to colouring-in posters.

Holly’s quirky illustrations will guarantee to make you smile, whilst her imagination will bring out the inner child in you!

I can’t wait to welcome Holly back for a 4th year, ‘Life Love and Me’. Artist open House wouldn’t be the same without her.

Flo Woolgar

Flo Woolgar-Barrington is an Illustrator & Designer from Saltdean 

Flo works on a variety of projects and commissions incorporating playful designs and characters 
for Children’s stories and Picture books, as well as Sea inspired imagery.

Her work uses coloured tissue paper, creating vivid, textured illustrations. 

She also enjoys illustrating local scenery, often with a Sea or Pool Swimmer. In Vintage retro swim hat or by an Art Deco landmark, in her own unique style.

Flo Woolgar-Barrington

Many of Flo’s creations can be found on various products. Such as greeting cards, prints, coaster’s and wash bags.

My personal favourites are the lady sea swimmers, in their colourful swimming hats!


Alex Owen is a Brighton based artist and printmaker behind MegaLilyDesign

Alexandra-Owen - MegaLily Design

Alex works from her studio in Hove, creating original linocut prints inspired by Nature and Nurture.

Her nature prints feature flowers and wildlife. She is also fascinated by the meanings and folklore around flowers and plants.

The nurture-inspired prints are a response to working with the themes of the inner child and attachment.

Alex hopes that these prints help the viewer to connect to their inner child and our need for love and connection.

All of Alex’s work is hand-printed and ranges from limited editions and complex reduction prints to open editions.

I’m delighted that Alex is going to be part of ‘Life, Love & Me’, and hope that visitors enjoy her prints as much as she enjoys creating them.

Design by Julie Ingham

Julie Ingham is a Worthing based illustrator, who designs a range of Coastal inspired prints and gifts

The range includes giclee prints, tea towels, coasters and cards. Her range has been developed with every customer in mind and so her price points reflect this to.

Julie is expanding her Coastal range this year to include a wider geographical area. If you have any ideas of where she should draw next, let her know!

She is also developing the commission side of her work, so if you have a favourite building you would like her to draw, please let her know that as well.

I’m excited that Julie is returning to ‘Life Love and Me’ for a second year, I’m sure her work will be as popular with our guests a second time around!

Hanova Studio

Lisa Barrett is a fashion designer, from Hanover, Brighton

Hanova Studio

Designing with the conviction that responsible fashion does not have to compromise style or quality, exploit people, or harm the environment.

Lisa strives to prioritise customers and garment workers in everything she does, engaging the maker and wearer in a creative conversation through timeless, beautifully realised designs that empower women to be their best selves every day and a determination to drive long-term positive change in a damaging industry. 

Lisa designs with longevity in mind, producing timeless pieces in simple, versatile, and feminine silhouettes. Dresses and blouses that can be personalised to your specifications are ethically made to order using eye-catching fabrics that weave tales to make garments that become storytellers.”

I personally love the gingham dresses. Especially as you can have them made to specific lengths. I have a feeling the collection will be as popular with the resident artists as they are with guests.

Moth Studio

Hilary Phillips is an Art & Textiles educator working in her garden studio and venues around Sussex

Hilary creates mixed media and printed textiles. Her inspiration is nature, texture, colour and organic shapes. Her work is usually linear in style, with a harmonious colour palette.

Her Textile work uses images, transfer printing, screen printing & stitch. No two pieces are the same.

A silver jewellery maker for several years Hilary also creates her signature pod rings that are hand stamped, handmade, and completely unique. 

Moth Studio

Regular visits to The Isles of Scilly have resulted in her exploring the use of beach findings with her silver to create unique and beautiful pieces.

I love how the natural products create organic lines and beautiful patterns. I think the bags are going to be super popular with our guests!