If you’ve joined me since my original posts, you will know the reason I started this blog is to help others, by sharing my experience of egg freezing.

Up until now, you will have noticed that I have remained ‘faceless’ throughout my blog. By that I mean there are no photos of myself and if you follow me on Instagram you will also notice a similar pattern. For those that know me personally that probably won’t come as much of a surprise, as I’m not a big fan of having my photo taken, but that’s not the reason for the absence of photos.

I guess, subconsciously I thought that being anonymous is safer, as it gives less room for people to judge you. However, the weird thing is that doesn’t really reflect how I reacted whilst researching egg freezing and undergoing treatment, as I wasn’t afraid to talk to my friends and family about it. In fact, I was very free about who I told, as I’ve always believed that keeping things bottled up doesn’t help. If anything it makes any worry and anxiety worse. Thankfully all my friends and family have all been really supportive and interested in what I’ve been going through.

So how would I feel when I received a message out of the blue from Valerie Landis, of www.eggsperience.com asking me if she could video interview me for her ‘Testimonials‘ page which features women from across the globe reflecting on their egg freezing journeys? Well, the strange thing is that I jumped at the chance! It wasn’t until a few days before the interview I started to think about what that actually meant!  It got me thinking about the reasons for anonymity and very quickly I came to the conclusion that this approach to my blog kind of defeats the object of what I’m trying to say. I truly believe that the more people that learn to talk openly about issues, will not only provide support for others but also benefit from those sharing their experiences.

You will be pleased to know I have now completed the interview! Valerie was totally amazing, she made me feel totally at ease, well as comfortable as you can feel when you’re talking to a stranger millions of miles away through a screen!

Apart from the obvious cringe factor when you watch yourself back, I am really pleased to have done the interview. Another leap into the underknown and another step to support others!

The interview will be live on the www.eggsperience.com Thursday 3rd November.

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