Sarah Bagg – The Artist

By using the tools I’ve learnt through life coaching I have rekindled my passion for creativity

By reframing my thoughts around my own ability and finding new tools to manage creative blockers, I’ve moved forwards and have started to re-establish myself as an artist. Thanks to the wonderful support from local artists, and the fantastic feedback, my confidence has grown

I’ve continued to create new work and have been fortunate enough to have some of my original paintings and prints exhibited in local Sussex galleries and shops

All of my collection is available to buy in my online shop and if you’re local to Sussex why not make a visit to the lovely Green Tree Gallery where you can see some of my work in person


Over the 2019 and 2022 Brighton Artists Open Houses I’ve hosted 16 artists and this year I’m welcoming 7 more, as well as exhibiting my new collection, and some familiar pieces!

Both collections have an uplifting feel; with inspiration taken from living by the sea (as pictured here) and my love of flowers.

I hope both will capture your imagination and bring a smile to your face.

If you’d like to see how my collection is progressing why not follow me on Instagram

In the 2023 festival, I will be welcoming back Holly and Dani from last year, as well as 5 new artists whose work I also love. Check out the information below for a quick sneak peek!


Vannucchi is a modern, slow-fashion jewellery brand

‘Wooden bangles’

Dani uses a contemporary blend of woods and metals and specialises in luxury jewellery with a sustainable thread.

All creations have been designed and crafted from her East Sussex workshop. Utilising offcuts from other workshops and local makers, she works to make full use of FSC woods, down to the smallest cuts and bringing attention to the most beautiful of exotic hardwoods that have been gifted to her. 

Named after her grandmother and paying homage to her grandparents, she has created a business combining her two loves, woodwork and metalwork. Her passion for a more sustainable future drives her designs, with small limited collections and one-of-a-kind creations.

I can’t wait to welcome back Dani to ‘Life Love and Me’ for a second year!

Lucy Cooper

Lucy Cooper is a Brighton-based printmaker who creates limited-edition screenprints.


Her work is characterised by strong colour palettes which evoke memories of much-loved places or moments of reflection, and she explores unusual and often unexpected combinations of colour and pattern to reinterpret familiar sights.

The starting point of each print is invariably a sight she has captured on her travels, being particularly drawn to the light and feel of sunny locations or inspired by the changing colours and patterns made by water.

Combining this with abstract elements and calligraphic influences, she enjoys using the screenprint process to develop colour and shape, while still conveying the original sense of place.

Anyone that has visited the ‘Life Love and Me’ open house will know I love ‘colour’. I can guarantee these prints will be very popular!

Holly Swain

Holly Swain is a children’s book illustrator from Hove, who likes nothing more than creating new characters -quite often wearing knitwear!

‘Stick and Swap’

Holly’s work traditionally uses dip pen and ink and watercolour. She works in a studio in her house, which is very cold in winter, hence why many of my characters are wearing woollens!!

Her characters tend to start in her sketchbooks and many of them take on a life of their own. Bears and badgers appear quite often, both usually wearing jumpers!

Many of her products feature her quirky ink and watercolour characters. These can be found on a range of products from greetings cards to badges to colouring-in posters.

Holly’s quirky illustrations will guarantee to make you smile, whilst her imagination will bring out the inner child in you!

I can’t wait to welcome Holly back for a 3rd year at ‘Life Love and Me’.


Set up by Amalia Sanchez de la Blanca, Linescapes specialises in highly detailed CAD architectural portraits of iconic buildings and landmarks.

‘Brighton Pavilion-pink’

Amalia aims to tap into people’s emotional relationships with buildings. Architecture can evoke memories and a sense of belonging and relate to our aesthetic sense. That’s why Linescapes collections are constantly growing with drawings of buildings that mean something to people, whether it’s a cultural landmark, an architecturally significant structure or a bespoke house portrait.

Amalia has built a collection of over 60 illustrations available as giclee art prints and greeting cards, as well as featured in a range of gifts and homeware. She also carries out commissions for private clients, businesses and cultural landmarks.

I first saw Amalia’s work at a local artist and makers fair, and especially love the ‘Palmeira Square’ regency design, that I have chosen for this year’s ‘Life Love and Me’ artist open house brochure.

Helen J Holroyd

Helen J Holroyd uses the print process to collage intuitive ‘moving’ line drawings with pure colours, to depict birds, ceramics, plants, animals, buildings and gardens

‘Jade Tree In The Pink’

Helen selects sketchbook drawings adding scissor-cut paper and areas of colour to accentuate and balance space and form.

Helen says ‘she draws the “feelings” of things, distilled by memory, added to by invention, and expanded by echoes and rhythms. The drawings are movement marks of enthusiastic energy to which she adds bouncing, ricocheting and calming colours until a contented balance is reached.’

The resulting limited edition pigment prints are archival quality (meaning they won’t fade).

I personally love the combination of bold, abstract, hand-drawn original drawings and colourful graphical images. You keep seeing something new each time you look a little closer!

Design by Julie Ingham

As Design by Julie Ingham, Julie produces a range of Coastal-inspired prints and gifts, as well as being part of the design duo Jules and Ginny: a textile print studio

‘South Downs’

She produces her own range of prints, cards, notebooks, and accessories, as well as commissions.

Julie is currently developing her love for lino prints and working on a series of South down prints, as well as adding geometric designs to her Coastal Range. She’s also working on a new range of floral prints inspired by the plants she sees regularly on her walks to the beach and the South Downs.

I first saw Julie’s work in an open house a few years ago, so I’m very pleased that she’s decided to join ‘Life and Love Me’ this year!

Rose Emma Ceramics 

Rosie is a Brighton-based potter creating individual ceramic pieces for dining and display.

‘Tulip Jug’

Each piece is carefully hand thrown and decorated; her collection includes unique tableware sets, vases, fruit bowls, jugs and more.

Rosie has been fascinated with clay from an early age. She began learning at Wobage pottery in Herefordshire and now studies at Pottery Gagliano, in Brighton, where she continues to develop her skills. Since relocating to Sussex she has been inspired by its seascapes and skies, beaches and murmurations.

Every piece is intended for everyday use and is designed to transform the day-to-day into a special moment.

I met Rosie at a Makers Fair in 2022, on my hunt for new artists to join me this year, and instantly fell in love with her work. I love the simplicity of shapes and subtle colours, absolutely stunning.