Self Development

Self development coaching can cover a wide range of areas, from identifying ways to increase overall happiness, love, and fulfilment from life.
Clients have the answers to all of these areas already, but it’s my role as a coach to help you to become aware of them and understand how to harness them, with the help of practical tools to help.

Creative Coaching

I have a particular passion for creative coaching, which helps clients find creative solutions to issues they are experiencing in their professional and personal lives.
Not solely for the creative industries, but for anyone that wants to envision their dreams and come up with creative ways to make them come true, whether that's personally or professionally.

Child-less not by Choice

Through my own struggles to find a new path in life, I also support women who find themselves childless not by choice. Finding a fulfilling life that does not involve having children of your own can initially be a painful experience, but with my help women are able to successfully navigate that journey and find an alternative to their previous plan A.
A new plan that brings them fulfilment and happiness.

What is Life Coaching?

Why do I need a Coach?

Just as an athlete would enlist a coach to train and support them in their sporting goals, a coach is there to support, encourage and unlock parts of your life, to make you feel at ease and confident in making changes.

I will start by helping you evaluate where you are, what your life is like now and what you’d really like it to look like.

I decided to train as a life coach as I really want others to see and feel the huge benefits that can come from the coaching experience, in my opinion it’s a total game changer!

In person Coaching

  • In person coaching is offered location dependant

Remote Coaching

  • Dependant on your location I may be able to offer you a mix of remote/in person coaching

Remote Coaching Package

  • 30 minute phone consultation
  • 8 remote sessions
  • 2 catch up calls during the course of the coaching relationship

Getting in Touch

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