Egg Count!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Egg Count! How many women can say they’ve given much, if any thought to how many eggs they have ‘in reserve’, what that even means, or what’s actually happening during the ovulation cycle. I bet the answer is that most women only start to think about this when they try […]


Counselling! I love a good wedding, who doesn’t? So with everything I had been through at the start of this year, and what I was about to embark on I was really looking forward to a summer full of hen parties and weddings, or that’s what I thought! As fertility treatment is such an emotional […]

Going it alone?

Going it alone? Being a women in your 30’s brings up so many questions, many of which I didn’t even stop to think about in my 20’s, probably because, like many I was enjoying the moment rather than worrying too much about the future! No one can predict the future, but at 38 I was […]

Just bad luck!

Just bad luck! Well, what can I say about this day….. I always knew that the cards were stacked against me, after all every article you read about women’s fertility tells you it declines after 30, but I still had this feeling that everything would work out. One thing you will get to know about […]