How will Coaching benefit me?

Life coaching will allow you to be the best version of yourself, by making significant changes in any area of your life.
You will find clarity where you currently experience confusion or feelings of being overwhelmed and find solutions and tools to help you with the issues you are facing.

Types of Coaching

I can help you in many different areas of your life

KateBrigton, Hove, UK

Sarah's positive and explorative approach to Life Coaching, helped me to navigate beyond my mental blocks. She offers new approaches and a fresh outlook on problems and habits. All this in a kind, supportive and non judgmental environment.

CarlaLondon, UK

Working with Sarah was a lifesaver. I always felt supported and at ease to share my challenges and concerns. She is very professional, and she held the space and guided me to develop the tools I needed to move forward, keep focused and get clarity when I was feeling overwhelmed and decision making seemed impossible.
All sessions were unique and eye opening

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Childless Not by Choice - world childless week - Sarah Bagg - Life Coach

World Childless Week; loss comes in all shapes and forms!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about loss, and the power it can have over those that experience it. Not just the all too common sad feelings that come with the grief of losing someone/something, but the potential power of healing through those experiences. Something that remains true through my childless …

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Original abstract art by Sarah Bagg

So much more than a transaction; the value of selling art!

If I could speak to a younger version of me, the one that left university with less confidence in her creative ability than when she started. I’d tell her, ‘It’ll be ok. Your passion for art will come back, you just need a little time, the right set of circumstances and a few inspiring ‘mentors’ …

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Childless Not by Choice - Sarah Bagg

The misconceptions of not having children….

One of the many things you discover in a life with no children is people’s huge misconceptions of what it’s like not to have children! I can only speak for myself, and the few people I know that aren’t part of the parenting world, but trust me it’s definitely not endless travel, lie-ins and nights …

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