My story

Hi, and welcome to Life Love and Me……

I’m Sarah, originally a country girl who moved to the fabulous city of London when I was 22, in search of excitement and new adventures after returning from a year travelling!

Some 17 years later, after having lived in both London and Brighton, well ‘Hove actually’, I started to write my blog after deciding to freeze my eggs, a fundamental point in my life which has taught me a great about myself and the choices I have made.

I started this journal firstly with the hope to help others that have found themselves at similar forks in the road and not known which one to take but also to document some of my life experiences!

At the time of embarking on egg freezing, I just couldn’t find much information on the process, let alone anything that would act as a support. Apart from the information readily available from clinics, I found myself feeling very alone, as many websites and blogs seemed to be focused on couples going through IVF, rather than having to address their fertility on their own as I did.

I’m by no means a writer, but I do love to ‘talk’, so I figure that’s a pretty good start for writing about my journey and all the wonderful and sometimes challenging things that come with it!

So if you have found yourself in similar situations, questioning decisions you have made, or perhaps you’re struggling to make a decision, then hopefully this blog can provide a place where we can share our own life experiences. After all, sometimes we just need reassurance that someone out there has been there, done it and got the t-shirt!

So whether you enjoy the same passions in life as I do, or you just find it helpful to read about the things I’ve experienced I really hope you enjoy reading my blog!

Have a fab day

Love Sarah.x